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FIX was created to revolutionise the hair and makeup services industry, which remains largely unchanged since the birth of the blow dry bar in the mid noughties, despite differing and increasing demands of the insta-ready generation. This audience is time poor, sociable and change up their look frequently, so making appointments and spending an hour in a salon are to be replaced with quick,15-minute walk-in sessions. A memorable brand was needed to convey this huge step change coming to a fun and visual industry…

The task was to convey the atmosphere and character of the service, and build something ready for an insta-generation. We did this by focussing on creating a brand that fits within a social media world, and the raw, stark look synonymous with fashion brands, rather than trying to fit in with the rest of the hairstyling and beauty world.
The brand itself will be a fundamental part of how customers are attracted to the FIX space. It feels all at once stylish and cool, evoking the mood of a premium fashion brand or art establishment, whilst being strong, honest and raw.
Social media will be a major marketing tool for FIX, as its output is highly visual and shareable it naturally creates its own content.
Paid social posts will likely be the first point of contact social media users will have with FIX. Direct, snappy and intriguing posts will direct the audience to the FIX social media accounts or website.
Organic social media posts will be frequent, a vital necessity to convey current, on-trend services. Content will include imagery from the space itself, typographic and photographic brand content, plus demonstrations of various makeup and hair looks.


The FIX brand has successfully been rolled out at pop-up and test experiences which gained significant social media exposure from customers’ own social media channels, encouraged by a FIX branded ‘selfie area’.


Whilst the COVID-19 crisis has set back the full launch, the brand was well received and is set to be back next year with a permanent space.

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